About Me

Bruce Winstone BSc (Maj Physics) RMT (Registered Massage Therapist)

RMT. Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration. Yoga Teacher, Alexander Teacher, Anatomy Teacher and (Yes!) Math Teacher.

Bruce received his RMT Licence in 2020!!

Bruce has studied Rolf Structural Integration with such Rolf heavy weights as: ‘Painless’ Peter Melchior (RIP), Emmett Hutchins, Nilce Silvera, Greg Overton and Thomas Myers.

He has studied the Alexander Technique with Mio Morales, Irma Konrad, Stacey Gehman, Robert Rickover, Nancy Forst Williamson and Marilou Chasey.

He is a certified yoga teacher who has studied yoga with Hart Lazur, Father Joe Periera, and Richard Freeman. And Yes, as well as having a Physics Degree he has taught Linear Algebra and Calculus at the University of Manitoba.