Thank You’s

I’d like to thank my most esteemed teachers Emmett Hutchins and Peter Melchior. I miss you very much Peter and wish I could chat with you again- I haven’t quite got your touch yet and I’m not sure I can learn it on my own. Here’s to trying! I guess you and Ida said it best, “You’ve got to talk to it!”.

And as for you Emmett, I promised to bring the kids to see you and who wouldn’t want to go to Kauai anyway?

Nilce Silveira- I wouldn’t have made it through any of the classes without you. You’re maybe better than the rest because you encouraged me on. Thanks as well!

Thank you Will Johnson for hanging out with me. You inspired me to find my own way with the work!

I’d also like to thank my Alexander teacher Mio Morales. Not many people can change a person from across the room but baby you’ve got the magic.

I’d also like to thank my family. Mom and Dad, Brother and Sister.

And where would I be without my lovely Kathe, Shore, Juniper and Tenzin.