Here are some testimonials from new and old clients:


One year after an accident that left me with many broken bones including a devastated ankle joint, I knew the minute we met that I was in good hands. Bruce had excellent knowledge of body posture and knew what needed to be done to ‘fix me up’. All along he showed me what was going on such as commenting on the heat being discharged from my mending ankle. His nature is upbeat, encouraging and light hearted which helps along the therapeutic process. The changes I experienced due to his work were amazing and I walk much better today as a result. To me, he is the ultimate ‘body whisperer’ such as putting into words what is going on under your skin. If you are looking for knowledge, results and change – if you are ready to let go of pain, then Bruce is your destination. Dan


I highly recommend anyone to see Bruce for some sweet sweet healing. Somehow, he can always pin point exactly what needs to be taken care of and with the best kind of attention. He also happens to be a remarkable man with incredible compassion. You will feel very safe in his hands. If you get him on the dance floor, it will be a whole other kind of healing. A dose of good rhythm and laughter.
Yoga Teacher and Business Owner


Bruce Winstone is born to his calling. He is a true master of his craft, an artist of healing. As Bruce helps my body back into alignment, he also educates my mind into its own re-alignment. Working with Bruce has been a profound gift. Rolf Structural Integration is a life changing journey.
Robert Birch, M.A.
Writer and social educator


I completed the 10 Rolf sessions with Bruce Winstone several years ago when he was practicing in Winnipeg. It was an intense healing program that positively impacted my mind, body, and spirit. Although it is deep therapeutic work, Bruce’s gentle and intuitive approach put me at ease. Overall, it was a rich process of physical transformation, which I continue to benefit from more than ten years later. I feel very fortunate to have had his healing hands work on my body and my only wish is that he did not live so far away! Dominique Rey


Bruce Winstone’s work is very much appreciated. It is gentle, integrated work.
I remember just after he started, I received some ongoing work from him. He talked a lot about the head sitting in its spot. Many of his exercises helped with shoulder pain, relaxation, and just a feeling, as simple as,”Everything is going to be o.k”.
His Structural Integration work went deep, but gentler than most. My body memory is still retaining the work. Its opened many windows in my attempt to stand tall.
I am grateful in receiving his work.
Sandra Young
Columbia, S.C U.S.A


After several sessions of the Rolf method of Structural Integration with Bruce this year I went from being a mom who regularly said to her four-year old daughter, “I am sorry honey, you are just too big for me to pick up anymore” to being a mom who can easily lift her five-year old on to her shoulders in one swoop. I have regained strength and use of my body that I suspected might be gone forever. Thanks Bruce!                                      Susie-Anne Bartsch


Rolf Structural Integration is one of the most successful approaches that has kept me flexible, pain-free and mobile as I do much repetitive stress physical work in my career with horses. I have gone to some of the most respected Rolf practitioners in North America, and Bruce rates right up there with the absolute best I have ever experienced. He has helped some chronic muscular skeletal and myofascial challenges that I have had dealt with for years. I highly recommend Bruce as a greatly compassionate, wise and awesome healer!
Allen Schoen, DVM, MS, Ph.D (hon.), Pioneer in Integrative and Complementary Veterinary Medicine, Author, \”Kindred Spirits, How The Remarkable Bond Between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way We Live\”.